The format may vary slightly for each individual age group or category. Most groups will have two runs and some may have a third run which is essentially a best trick.

Each rider’s best run plus their best trick (if applicable) will count towards their score out of 100 possible points.

Judges will consider:

  • Variety of tricks
  • Control of the tricks
  • Execution
  • Difficulty of tricks
  • Amplitude / Height
  • Landings
  • Use of course
  • Flow/Style
  • Consistency
  • Risk Factor
  • Progression
  • Creativity

Riders will lose points for tricks not landed or mistakes made. These could include: landing flat, casing, sliding out, dabbing a foot down, stopping during a run, crashing off the bike.

The earlier in a run that a mistake is made the more it may impact the score.

All judges scores will be added together and averaged out in order to get a riders final score.

In the event of a tie, the rider that ranks highest with most judges will be placed higher.