Frequently Asked Questions

Which Groups need to qualify for the final in Adrenaline Alley?

Over 11’s Park – Women
Over 15’s Park – Men
Over 15’s Street – Open

How many riders qualify from each event?

Over 11’s Park – Women x 2
Over 15’s Park – Men x 4
Over 15’s Street – Open x 4

How many events do I have to qualify at?

You only need to qualify at one event and then you’ll have a place reserved in the final.

How many times can I try to qualify for the final?

5 times.

If I’ve already qualified for the final can I enter more Backyard Jam qualifier events?


What happens if one or more riders in a Backyard Jam qualifier has already qualified at a previous event?

If this happens additional riders will be added to the number that qualifies from this event. For example, if 2 riders that have already qualified for Over 15’s Street then place in the top 4 at a subsequent event then we will take the top 6 riders. This ensures that 4 new riders will qualify for this category from every event.

What are the dates for the Backyard Jam qualifiers?

Round 1 – Saturday 31st August at Rush Skatepark in Stroud
Round 2 – Saturday 21st September at Unit 23 in Glasgow
Round 3 – Saturday 19th October at Ramp1 in Warrington
Round 4 – Saturday 16th November at Asylum near Mansfield
Round 5 – Saturday 7th December at Adrenaline Alley in Corby

How much does it cost to enter one of the Backyard Jam qualifier events?

Under 11’s are £15
All other groups are £25 except if you want to enter both over 15’s Park and Street which is a total of £35

A rider ticket also allows you to ride the park for the whole day (except areas that are being used for the competition)

If I don’t want to enter the competition, can I still bring my bike and ride the park (except areas that are being used for the competition)?

Yes. This costs £15 for the day. This will also allow you to enter the High Hop contest for no additional charge.

Can I enter on the day of the competition?

We only have a limited number of places available so we strongly recommend that you buy your ticket in advance. Please check availability in advance to avoid disappointment. ***UPDATE: OVER 15’s STREET IS SOLD OUT***

How much does it cost to spectate at a Backyard Jam Qualifier?

Entry is free and you don’t need a ticket. Please note if you wish to bring a bike into the park you will need to buy a ticket.

Are there additional booking or transaction fees for the tickets?

All fees are included within the price of your ticket.

Should I enter the AM qualifiers or just wait and enter Pro at the Final in Corby?

There is no clear distinction in BMX Freestyle regarding whether a rider is ‘Professional’ or not. As a general rule, we will determine that a rider should enter the Pro class if they either get paid by a BMX sponsor or they have signature products with a BMX company. Although the qualifier events are called “Amateur” we expect these to be attended by riders of all levels including riders that are sponsored by BMX companies but are not yet ‘Pro’.

Is the event open to riders who live outside the UK?


I am currently 15 years old, which age group should I enter?

You will need to enter the Over 15’s group. Only enter the under Under 15’s group if you are 14 or younger.